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applied mechanics; computational mechanics; experimental mechanics

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Postdoc in Mechanics/Tribology of Triboelectric Nanogenerators at University of Glasgow

Specifically, the post requires expert knowledge in experimental and/or computational mechanics of materials and/or tribology. The position is part of a large international EPSRC-SFI funded project aimed at developing next generation textile triboelectric nanogenerators (or T-TENGs) for powering of wearable electronics.  This position will focus on the mechanics and tribology of T-TENGs and will involve both modelling and experimental work.

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PhD Studentship: Modeling and Design of Smart Bioinspired Structures

A PhD studentship in the field of bioinspired materials and structures is available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Kingston University London.

Plane stress Abaqus UMAT

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Hello everyone,

I have created a UMAT code for J2 elasto-plasticity with isotropic hardening for 3D solid elements.

At this point I would like to support also plane stress shell elements. What changes in the code are

suggested? The already implemented code, takes as input the strain tensor at time tn and the strain

increment tensor and updates the stress at time tn+1 and calculates the material Jacobian and 

achieve quadratic convergence. The stress and strain tensors are manipulated as 6x1 vectors and the 

4th Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics, July 3-5 2019

The Mechanical and Civil Engineering departments at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore are organizing the 4th Indian Conference on Applied Mechanics (INCAM 2019), to be held on campus from July 3-5, 2019. 

Details about the conference can be found at:

Abstracts are due by April 20, 2019.


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