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Formulation of Continuum Shell Elements - ABAQUS

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I am looking for an explanation about the formulation used for CONTINUMM SHELL elements in ABAQUS.

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PhD positions in Mechanical Engineering, Shiv Nadar University, India

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Buckling and Post buckling of Plates

Hello every one.

I'm doing work on buckling  analysis using abaqus. I want to continue my work on postbuckling of plates also. I'm not getting any tutorials on how to perform Postbuckling analysis of plates using abaqus. When i searched the abaqus help documentation, i got .inp file of a plate, but i didnt get the steps on how to perform the analysis. 

I read in some books that after buckling of a plate, it still can take the load. How to do this in abaqus interface ?how to perform the postbuckling analysis in a proper way ?

Plz help

Beam-Shell contact in Abaqus

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Hello everybody.


I am doing my diploma project and I have to model an off-shore oil-rig in Abaqus. It's a metallic truss-type system. I've defined all of the elements composing the structure as wire elements and the decks as solids. Does anybody know how to define the contact between the decks and the supporting beams? The decks are supposed to be bolted to the beams.



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Shell and Finite Element Method

I'm study about shell and i need some ebooks to read. Coud you here give me some? Thanks a lot.

[FEM] How we are using shell geometry properties in time of calculation?

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I'm interested in methods and approaches for FEM, that are used for taking into account the shell geometry properties (curvatures, quadratic forms) in time of calculation. I'm not telling about NURBS, the shells are defyned by analytical expressions: sphere, Monge surfaces, Joachimstahl surface. In Zienkewich book they are use the flat elements, but in time of calculation they don't use the shell geometry, only for mesh generation. Maybe someone somehow have used in shape functions the coefficients of quadratic forms...

Layered Shell Displacements


I am confused regarding displacements calculated through layered shell model in Ansys using Shell 181.

The model is composed of 5 layered sections of different materials (with thicknesses) assigned to an area. The whole laminate is cooled from a reference (zero-strain) (150 C) temperature to a uniform temperature (-40 C).

I need to calculate the difference of displacements between two nodes in the meshed area, for a specific location in layer no. 3. The issue is that I only have nodes in one plane and the results (i think) are interpolated along the thickness. My question is that, is there any method to find displacements at a specific layer in the shell model [as we can find all other results (stress, strains etc.) for different layers]

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Plywood box under pressure on ABAqus


Hello everyone,


I am working right now on a plywood box simply supported by wedges under a uniform pressure of 1 MPa.

The pressure is applicated through a rigid shell part layed on the top of the box ( a surface to surface contact). The bottom of the box is on contact (surface to surface) with the rigid shell wedges (2 on the corner of the box and 1 on the middle).  

As a boundary condition, all the DOF's of the wedges are constrained.    

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How to Combine Shell Element and Solid Element in ANSYS

Hello Everybody

I'm currently working on on the tubular weld of joint modeling using ANSYS

Wanted: Fast FEA Solvers...


I am thinking of informally conducting a specific case-study concerning the FEA solvers. The reference problem is a very simple but typical problem from stress analysis, leading of course to the linear systems: Ax = b and Ax = Lx.

I seek advice as to what software libraries currently available in the public domain would be best to use---the ones that would be fastest in terms of execution time for the reference problem.

I have a personal and longer-term research interest with certain issues related to the solvers technologies.

Mohr-Coulomb Shell in Abaqus. Help!

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I am new to Abaqus and I am trying to use it to model some industrial shells. According to some preliminar studies, the material has a mohr-coulomb plastic behaviour. Thus, I wanted to use shell elements, with a mohr-coulomb plastic material, but it seems that it is not possible in Abaqus.

According to the theoretical manual and the user manual (18.3.3-6):

help for VUEL


sorry for my bad english,

I want help for VUEL Abaqus subroutine, I don't no how to compute the time increment for stability for the shell structure.

 Thank u. 

ANSYS shell99

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Does anyone knows what's the theory of the element shell99 in Ansys? I tried to search in ANSYS Help, but didn't find anything. Is it kirchoff classical plates theory?

Section definition influences the finite element size?

I have a doubt regarding the next situation: I'm using a 2D shell deformable part with a solid homogeneous section (plane stress/strain thickness ratio=100) in a standard analysis (static general/static Riks). Should be in this case my mesh always bigger or equal to 100?

Is the plane stress/strain thickness ratio size influencing the minimum finite element size in ABAQUS? 

How to connect a beam to shell and a shell to a solid in FEM (Meshing)

How to connect a beam to a shell element in FEM and a shell to a solid? All the three differ in their dof's.

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