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Looking for a job opportunity in Mechanical Engineering

Dear All, 

 My name is Anton and I have graduated from New Mexico State University with my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering in August. I am currently looking for a job opportunities in both industry and academia (PhD). I am keep looking for an openings on this web-site myself, but I will be grateful for any suggestions. If someone knows any other opportunities please let me know. 

Here is a brief summary of my qualifications: 

•Solid Mechanics and Materials. Physics of Strength and Plasticity. Modeling of Mechanical systems

•Computational solid mechanics. Finite elements analysis (FEA)

•Experimental techniques: Mechanical testing on universal testing machines with strain measurement techniques, X-ray diffraction method, High-performance liquid chromatography 

•Software: Matlab, MSC Marc/Mentat, Patran, Autodesk 3ds Max, DFMA, Solidworks, Hypermesh, Python, basic Fortran experience, Meshlab, Avogadro, Gaussian 09W, Microsoft Office

My most recent resume is attached, for more details please contact me via phone: 5756210584 or e-mail:

Best Regards,


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