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Seeking a PostDoc position in field of mechanics of advanced materials

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Dear All,

I got my PhD degree of Mechanical Engineering on Sep 2016 and I am seeking PostDoc position at well-known Universitiy or research Institute. Also, I completed my short-term visiting scholar at Purdue University on March 2016.

My research interest is mechanics of advanced materials (plasticity, damage) and advanced material processing based on computaional modeling and microstructural observations. My PhD thesis was about Ultrasonic assisted ECAP based on constitutive equation developed for compression behavior of aluminum under high-intensity ultrasonic excitation. I designed, analyzed and fabricated two experimental setup for both ultrasonic assisted compression test and ultrasonic assisted ECAP.

Also, I have seven years industrial experineces in design, FE analysis and manufacturing of mechanical components in steel making and pelletizing plants.

Please contact me for sending my CV and discuss more about research interestes.

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