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Call for Papers and Abstracts, ASME IMECE 2017, November 3-9, 2017 (Tampa, Florida) Topic 12-1: Mechanical Metamaterials

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Call for Papers and Abstracts

Track 12: Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids


2017 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Tampa, Florida, November 3-9, 2017


Topic 12-1: Mechanical Metamaterials


Organized by

Jaehyung Ju, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Jongmin Shim, University at Buffalo, USA

Yaning Li, University of New Hampshire, USA

Sung Hoon Kang, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Eduard Karpov, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA




Mechanical metamaterials are the rationally designed artificial structures whose properties are not found in nature. The properties of mechanical metamaterials are defined by their geometric architecture guided design rather than their composition. Their mechanical properties can be designed to have unusual or reverse values compared to those found in natural materials.


This symposium invites fundamental studies on mechanics and design of mechanical metamaterials and their engineering applications across various scales. The aim of this session is to provide a forum to bring together investigators to discuss and disseminate the research findings in mechanical metamaterials and architectural structures with unusual properties.  Examples of topics to this symposium include (but are not limited to)

·      The design of mechanical metamaterials on negative Poisson’s ratio, negative thermal expansion, negative stiffness, negative compressibility, reverse Saint-Venant effect, and other tailored engineering properties.

·      Analytical, numerical, and experimental studies on the behaviors of architected structures; e.g., polygon/polyhedral lattices, tessellated structures, granular structures, tensegrity lattices, origami/kirigami structures, etc.

·      Added intelligent design with programmable functions to achieve particular shapes or mechanical properties upon command.

·      Advanced technologies such as 3D/4D printing to manufacture mechanical metamaterials (Co-organized with AMD TC: Mechanics of Soft Materials -3D Printed Soft Materials).


Potential authors are encouraged to submit a 400-word abstract to the topic. Authors can register for either technical paper publication (no more than 10 pages) or technical presentation only with the following submission deadlines:

·       Technical paper:  submission of abstract- March 6, submission of full-length paper for review - May 8

·       Technical presentation: submission of presentation only abstract - July 17


Conference website:


Sponsored by ASME

Composites and Heterogeneous Materials Technical Committee of the Materials Division, and the Composite Materials Technical Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division

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