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2018 EMI International Conference - MS3: Instabilities and Bifurcations in Solids, Structures and Soft Materials

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Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to submit your one page abstract to our Mini-Symposium (MS3) "Instabilities and Bifurcations in Solids, Structures and Soft Materials" in 2018 EMI International Conference – Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference of ASCE.

Date & Location:

Nov. 2-4, 2018, Shanghai, China

Guidelines for abstract submission and further information regarding the conference can be found at the website:

Deadline for abstract submission is July 1, 2018


Fan Xu1, Lihua Jin2, Yanping Cao3, Yibin Fu4, Yongzhong Huo1, Michel Potier-Ferry5


1. Fudan University, Shanghai, P.R. China

2. UCLA, California, USA

3. Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China

4. Keele University, Staffordshire, UK

5. University of Lorraine, CNRS, Metz, France


Instabilities and Bifurcations in Solids, Structures and Soft Materials

Extreme materials and structures such as soft matters, thin films, biomembranes and slender rods, are often at the heart of modern technologies, and their studies have implications and applications in many areas ranging from biology, electronics manufacturing, civil to biomedical engineering. A basic characteristic of such extreme materials is their ability to experience large displacement, rotation and deformation under multiple fields, which inevitably leads to formation of patterns that are much more varied and complicated than those in traditional materials. Such pattern formation is often the result of multiple bifurcations or loss of stability. Knowledge on how such instabilities arise and evolve is essential to describe, understand, predict, and ultimately to design complex materials and structures in modern industry, for example micro/nano-scale surface patterning control. This requires advanced theories, computational and experimental techniques. We hope to bring together experts working on these different aspects to review and share the latest advancements in this vibrant research field. Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:

  • geometric and material instabilities in soft materials such as gels and liquid crystalline polymers
  • wrinkling, creasing, folding and ridging in biomaterials under various stimuli
  • shape buckling of flexural structures such as plates, shells and membranes
  • mechanical self-assembly of ordered patterns via spontaneous surface wrinkling of soft materials and their applications in the development of advanced materials, including advanced functional surfaces and soft metamaterials
  • applications of pattern formation in soft materials to the development of novel flexible devices

Some confirmed speakers include:

Michel Potier-Ferry (CNRS, France), Conghua Lu (Tianjin University, China), Yongfeng Mei (Fudan University, China), Yong Ni (USTC, China), Yihui Zhang (Tsinghua University, China), Bo Li (Tsinghua University, China), Tongqing Lu (XJTU, China), Jiong Wang (SCUT, China), Yang Liu (Tianjin University, China), Fan Xu (Fudan University, China), etc.


Thanks for your support and we are looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

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