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Modal analysis performed by NOSA-ITACA code

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The following picture shows a screenshot of the NOSA-ITACA desktop enviroment during a modal analysis. In particular the first and the third mode shape of the San Frediano bell Tower in Lucca (Italy) are shown. The structure is discretized into 45641 eight-node brick elements (element no. 8, NOSA-ITACA element library) with 136923 degrees of freedom. For more details sees: R.M. Azzara, G. De Roeck, E. Reynders, M. Girardi, C. Padovani and D. Pellegrini, “Assessment of the dynamic response of an ancient masonry tower in Lucca via ambient vibrations” Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions - Anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy, controls-Van Balen & Verstrynge (Eds) ©2016 Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-1-138-02951-4 Paper n°84.

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