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Research Article: Propagation of pop ups in kirigami shells

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Kirigami—the Japanese art of cutting paper—has become an emergent tool to realize highly stretchable devices and morphable structures. While kirigami structures are fabricated by simply perforating an array of cuts into a thin sheet, the applied deformation and associated instabilities can be exploited to transform them into complex 3D morphologies. However, to date, such reconfiguration always happen simultaneously through the system. By borrowing ideas from phase-transforming materials, we combine cuts and curvature to realize kirigami structures in which deformation-induced shape reconfiguration initially nucleates near an imperfection and then, under specific conditions, spreads through the system. We envision that such control of the shape transformation could be used to design the next generation of responsive surfaces and smart skins.

Read the article here: PNAS (2019)

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