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PhD/Postdoc Positions in Soft Robotics | University of Southern Denmark

Two fully-funded positions in Soft Robotics are available in my group at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, Denmark.

PhD Position in Soft Robotic Tactile Perception (March 2023)

Postdoc Position in Soft Robotic Locomotion Control and Learning (February 2023)

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PhD Position in Soft Robotics Locomotion at the University of Southern Denmark

I am looking for a talented and highly motivated student for a fully-funded 3-year PhD position to work on soft robotics locomotion in my group at the Center for Soft Robotics, the University of Southern Denmark.

Apply online until April 15, 2021.

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Journal Club for March 2021: Kirigami metamaterials as a robotic matter

Journal Club for March 2021: Kirigami metamaterials as a robotic matter

Ahmad Rafsanjani, Center for Soft Robotics, SDU Biorobotics, University of Southern Denmark


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PhD and Postdoc Positions in Soft Robotics

We have two fully-funded positions at the Center for Soft Robotics at the University of Southern Denmark based in Odense.

PhD student (Soft Robotics & Art, 3 years):
Contact: Jonas Jørgensen (

Postdoc (Soft Robotics, 18 months) :
Contact: Ahmad Rafsanjani (

The deadline for submitting online applications is February 28, 2021.

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PhD position in Soft Robotics

We have a fully-funded 3-year PhD position in Soft Robotics starting in early 2021 in the Center for Soft Robotics at SDU Biorobotics, University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

If you have any questions about this position please contact Associate Prof. Ahmad Rafsanjani (ahra [at] mmmi [dot] sdu [dot] dk).  

Apply online: 
Deadline: December 1, 2020


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Postdoc Position in Soft Robotics at SDU Biorobotics

The University of Southern Denmark invites applications from qualified doctoral graduates for a 3-year postdoc position in the field of Soft Robotics.

The application deadline is 14th June, 2020 | Apply Online

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Symposium on Recent Advances in Mechanical Metamaterials (18th USNC/TAM)

Dear Mechanicians,

You are cordially invited to submit your abstract (text 400 words) to our Symposium on Recent Advances in Mechanical Metamaterials (symposium 352) as part of the 18th U.S. National Congress for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics that will be hosted by Northwestern University at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare from June 5 to June 9, 2018.

Abstract submission is open until November 10, 2017

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Bistable Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterials


A. Rafsanjani and D. Pasini, Bistable Auxetic Mechanical Metamaterials Inspired by Ancient Geometric MotifsExtreme Mechanics Letters 9, 291-296 (2016).

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Expansion behavior of cellular solids

The expansion behavior of cellular materials is especially attractive for potential applications such as design and development of bio-inspired adaptive materials since most of biological materials have a cellular microstructure at least at one of their hierarchical levels. Wood, bone, bamboo, ice plant and honeybee combs are examples of such natural materials.


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Writing User Subroutines with ABAQUS

Dear All,

 I think that many students are looking for some tutorials about writing a UMAT in ABAQUS.

You can find a comprehensive tutorial for elastic problems.

This file contains: 

• Motivation

• Steps Required in Writing a UMAT or VUMAT

• UMAT Interface


Example 1: UMAT for Isotropic Isothermal Elasticity

Example 2: UMAT for Non-Isothermal Elasticity

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How to Model Moving Mass in ANSYS

I want to model moving mass on a simply supported beam in ANSYS but I can not reach to analytical results, I tried defining CPs and some other methods. I want to find a linear solution and I prefer do not enter in Nonlinear analysis.

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