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Join us at TMS 2022 Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics symposium!

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Esteemed Colleagues,

I would like to invite you to attend the next Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics symposium at the #TMS2022 (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society) #conference that we organize with my colleagues, Dr. Sara Kadkhodaei, Dr. Eva Zarkadoula, Dr. Damien TOURRET, and Dr. James Morris. The topics of interest are included in the below flyer. The abstract submission deadline is July 1, 2021, and the #conference will be held in Anaheim, #California, USA, next year.


Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics

This ongoing TMS symposium series focuses on Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics (CTK) of materials over a broad range of scales covering from the atomic to macroscale, and including applications to materials design, synthesis, processing, and service. The ability to compute thermodynamic and kinetic properties and further utilization of these information on other CTK methods is rapidly transforming the field of materials science and engineering.

This year, we welcome submissions relating to novel developments and applications of CTK methods to explore new phenomena across different scales in novel materials. In addition to fundamental CTK methods, we encourage abstracts regarding uncertainty quantification and machine-learning assisted modeling of thermodynamics and kinetics properties of functional materials and recent advances in computational methods and algorithms for microstructure modeling. Submissions are welcome from all facets of CTK, such contributions dealing with fluids, interfaces, phase transformations (e.g., melting, solidification), and soft matter.

Topics of choice for this year include, but are not limited to:

  • Computational approaches for materials discovery and design

  • Computational models of phase prediction, equilibria, stability, and transformations

  • Novel approaches to predict properties (mechanics, chemistry, transport, etc.) of materials

  • Machine learning assisted computational modeling of materials behavior

  • Uncertainty quantification for phase-equilibria and/or phase transition modeling

  • The effect of external and internal constraints e.g., elastic/plastic/electric/magnetic/etc. fields and internal degree of

    freedoms on microstructure of materials

  • Computational studies of the role of phonons, magnons, and other excitations in the stabilization of phases and/or phase


  • Experimental studies for validation of thermodynamic and kinetic modeling approaches


Please help us make this event a success by also inviting your colleagues and #students.


Link to Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetrics sympositum:


Link to TMS 2022 annual meeting:

Link to conference programming:


You may reach me with your questions about Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics symposium at

Vahid Attari 

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