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MIT Short Course: Predictive Multiscale Materials Design, June 12-16, 2023

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TL;DR: Back on MIT campus, in person, with technical lectures, group work, interactive labs and clinics, networking sessions, and participant talks! Materials design has endless applications in countless industries, and its impact is growing especially at the nexus of creating more sustainable, functional and efficient materials platforms. MIT Predictive Multiscale Materials Design short course will be held during the week of June 12-16, 2023, at MIT. Participants will earn an official MIT certificate.  

More details including a course schedule:

MIT offers some academic fellowships that reduce the course fee. If interested, contact with a copy of a CV/biosketch. 

The course features many interactive elements, allowing participants to learn in a dynamic environment. The course features technical lectures, group work, interactive labs, clinics and participant talks. It is rewarding not only to learn, but to network with peers & MIT researchers. During the week on MIT's campus you will gain hands-on exposure about multiscale modeling, additive manufacturing, scientific machine learning, and smart bio-inspired materials and products. The course is designed to help you to accelerate and optimize your atomically precise material design and manufacturing through the use of large-scale computational modeling and molecular dynamics, material informatics, and artificial intelligence. You will enhance your ability to leverage the most in-demand areas of materials engineering, and learn how to strategically use:

•                     Predictive multiscale modeling (model materials from the chemical level upwards)

•                     Scientific machine learning (apply emerging AI tools to solve complex materials analysis and design tasks)

•                     Bio-inspired design (develop new generation organic materials that are more resilient and functional)

•                     Additive manufacturing (a new class of production tools to build complex designer materials from the ground up)

•                     Nanotechnology (engineering the ultimate level of matter, and using principles of nanoscience to develop next generation sensors, actuators, materials, and systems)

To learn more about tools and how they can be used to solve real-world challenges, check out this article.

The course involves optional pre- and post-course elements. Key components include a pre-course lecture as preparation, detailed lecture notes, a carefully curated set of reading materials, codes and algorithms, strategic recipes, overview materials, and two post-course office hours for in-depth discussions with the instructor. The course if taught for an audience with diverse background.

Deeply embedded in the dynamic environment at MIT, alongside peers from around the world, you will gain insights into the science, technology, and state-of-the-art computing methods being used to fabricate innovative materials from the molecular scale upwards. Through lectures and hands-on labs and clinics, you will learn how to construct, in a bottom-up manner, atomically precise products through the use of molecular design, predictive modeling, and manufacturing, allowing the fabrication of a vast array of advanced, innovative designs for a wide-range of applications. You will also learn how to access and utilize web-based machine learning tools for materials analysis, and cement your knowledge with a “from design to production” project, in which you will use AI and other computational methods to produce a custom 3D-printed smart material.

More information and sign-up:

Instructor:  Markus J. Buehler

McAfee Professor of Engineering, MIT



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