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PhD (4 years) on micromechanical testing and interface characterization of composites

We are looking for a PhD student for a research project on microscale mechanical characterization of fiber reinforced polymer composites using in-situ microscopic techniques. Much more fundamental insights and measurements at the micro-scale are necessary to enable fully predictive multi-scale modelling and faster adaptation of composites. Therefore, we have developed advanced micromechanical test methods for fibre reinforced polymer composites based on in-situ optical and electron microscopy during loading. This includes micro-scale Digital Image Correlation (DIC) which gives full-field strain information at the sub-micron scale, force measurement and correlation of the damage mechanisms at micro- and macro-scale. This also generates accurate input data for multi-scale models for composites. This PhD will further develop and enhance these micromechanical tests and optimize the microscopic measurement techniques for different types of composites.

Further micromechanical tests will be done to characterize the fibre/matrix interface in composites. Fibre debonding will be monitored in real-time and different loading conditions to the interface will be applied.

This PhD requires an experimentalist to do the micromechanical characterization of the composites. Experience with experimental testing of materials and microscopy is required. Knowledge of composites and/or instrumentation techniques such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is an advantage.

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