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Postdoc on elastic metamaterials at the University of Trento (Italy)

A Postdoc position is available at the Excellence Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of the Università di Trento, Italy to work with the Coordinator prof. Nicola Pugno on a EU-funded H2020 FET Open project on elastic metamaterials entitled "BOHEME: Bioinspired Hierarchical Metamaterials" and its follow up. Work will focus on modeling and/or simulations and/or experiments of elastic wave propagation in continuum and/or discrete media, including acoustic/elastic metamaterials, nonlinear/nonlocal elastic media and lattice spring (linear, local, nonlinear, nonlocal, etc.) mass (1D, 2D, 3D) models. We are looking for motivated candidates with experience in modeling within such topics. Preferred expertise is lattice spring mass models, finite element analysis and other analytical and numerical tools in wave dynamics. Earliest starting date is January 2023. Duration is two years, potentially renewable.  Salary will be around 1700€/month more than adeguate to the life cost in Trento, where the quality of life is the highest of Italy, within the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomites.


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