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Use Google to search in iMechanica and send email to you

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iMechanica has a search box, but its algorithm is less sophisticated than that of Google.  You may wish to use Google to search content on iMechanica.  For example, if you are looking for friction in iMechanica, type into the Google search box: friction

If instead you are only interested in rolling friction, then type into the Google search box: "rolling friction"  The quotation marks ensure that all the included words appear in search results.

If you want to find a certain type of file, say a PDF document on nanorods, type into the Google search box: nanorods filetype:pdf  This tip will allow you to find all research papers on a subject.

You can also use Google Alert to send you an email whenever your search turns up a new result.  For example, I have set up an alert using the search:  zhigang or suo  Any time when the word Zhigang or the word Suo appears in iMechanica, Google Alert will send me an email.  


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I've been using Google Alert for a couple of years. Can't complain with the experience.  Over the time I can also locate certain resources of interests then I can subscribe from them.

Google alert helps keep you notified with any new progress of your interest. It takes some time to find out how precise or vague your search should be, but it's quite worthy in long run. 

Give a try. 

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