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Use Google to search in iMechanica and send email to you

iMechanica has a search box, but its algorithm is less sophisticated than that of Google.  You may wish to use Google to search content on iMechanica.  For example, if you are looking for friction in iMechanica, type into the Google search box: friction

If instead you are only interested in rolling friction, then type into the Google search box: "rolling friction"  The quotation marks ensure that all the included words appear in search results.

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Create your own RSS feeds: The chemistry of users, posts, comments and tags

Free Tags: 

Say you have learned how to subscribe to RSS feeds using a feed reader, or an email account. You are ready to create your own RSS feeds.

A post is like an atom, and a feed a molecule. You can be a chemist to create your own molecules by discovering ways to form feeds. Here is the basic chemistry of posts.


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How to receive posts and comments in your email?

You can receive posts and comments by email. They are faster than uploading webpages. They come into folders other than your regular emails, so you don't need to look at the posts if you have no time.

I use Thunderbird. Other email applications might have the similar feature. (If your email applications do not have this feature, you can always set up a feed reader.)

How to let other iMechanicians contact you by email?

Free Tags: 

iMechanica aims to enhance communication among mechanicians.  Here is how to let other mechanicians contact you by email:

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