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Lecture 'Mechanics of Soft Active Materials' by Zhigang Suo was successfully held in Tongji Univ.

On May 29th, Prof. Zhigang Suo, a member of the US National Academy of Engineering and professor of Mechanics and Materials at Harvard University, made two lectures for teachers and students in Tongji University, titled “from study in Harvard to be elected to the US National Academy of Engineering” and “Mechanics of Soft Active Materials”.

In the former lecture, Prof. Zhigang Suo showed the necessary preparations of becoming internationally renowned scholars from common students. “Learn from great teacher, learn from fellow student, learn from great book, find something that you like to do and do it as well as you can, study English”, said he, and encouraged students to be excellent for being chosen. In addition, he suggested teachers importance of cooperation and get inspiration form their colleagues, from peers of different fields and even from students.

In the latter report, Prof. Zhigang Suo vividly introduced the establishment of gel material model in a concise way, in which physical phenomena and mechanism were illustrated reasonably from basic concepts. Teachers and students at presence were strongly attracted by new research ideas- emphasizing on concepts and experiments-proposed by Prof. Zhigang Suo. Inspired by the lectures, the teachers and students questioned enthusiastically, and had a lively discussion about some questions.

About 180 teachers and students from Tongji, Fudan and Shanghai universities attended the lecture.


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