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Dear All,

 I need to know which software that is better  for impact simulation of composites ANSYS or ABAQUS. Which one is more friendly to use as  I am new in software stuffs.


Thank you.



That isn't a question that is very easy to answer. You title your post "Materials" and note that you will be simulating composites. Abaqus is known for its powerful material modeling capabilities, and if you need very specialised material models, Abaqus is probably the way to go. ANSYS has a reputation for being more user friendly. I would probably try to get advice from someone who is familiar with both tools and with the problem you will be solving. Whether I could get help from someone I know would also impact my decision.

Dear Michael,

you wrote that "ABAQUS is known for its powerful material modeling capabilities." This may be right in the area of composite modeling, but if we take a look at (sheet)-metals  e.g. aluminum, titan, magnesium, high strength and complex phase steels, which play a decisive role in e.g. deep drawing and crash simulations, the capabilities in ABAQUS are very limited. The only anisotropic yield locus available is the very basic Hill48 yied locus. 

For enhanced yield loci in this field of application, take a look at:


Martin J. Gross

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