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Want papers published, proposals granted and to be a good reviewer? Here is the key --- "Ten Simple Rules" series.

Getting papers published and getting proposals granted are often great challeges for young researchers, let alone being a good reviewer. The "Ten Simple Rules" series by P.E. Bourne, L.M. Chalupa, and A. Korngreen delineate what we should follow.

More details about writing a good paper and proposal were also given by G. M. Whitesides ("writing a paper") and M.F. Ashby ("how to write a paper").


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I enjoyed reading these three articles! In particular, the last one---10 simple rules for reviewers---is quite instructive for young and old researchers alike. I wish more of us pay heed to it!

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I now require every student working with me to read it, and practice what it teaches.  Whitesides believes that writing paper is a way to direct a project, and writing should begin when the project begins.

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I have no doubt that it is important to organize a paper well. I am afraid, however, that the scientific journals can turn in scientific Yellow Pages with the over-dried essential information. Unfortunately, this scenario (to the large extent) is reality already. It's a shame! Doing science is a very lively activity. Why should the reports look like dead bodies? The scientific texts should not be overloaded with jokes, of course, but they should bring a unique style of the authors. Such style may contradict the boring wisdom of the how-to-write guides but it can attract the readers. The latter is very important.

For the young researchers, this is helpful, because it gives a possible solution. While everyone has his own idea. I think learn from it but do not obey it .

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Zhigang, Whitesides short note on "how to write a paper" is nice. Here is an analogous (somewhat longer) one from across the atlantic by Ashby. This is very good as well.

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