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Post-doctoral fellowships in Bioengineering

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Highly competitive candidates are sought for locally-funded fellowships in biomechanics at Cambridge University.  The Next Generation Fellowships are being advertised through the new Centre for Trophoblast Research, an interdisciplinary research centre focused on the trophoblast, the critical cell in the development and function of the placenta. 

Our research group has expanded its focus from previous efforts on biomechanics and fracture of the placental membranes, to develop a new project in the area of fluid-structure interactions in the growing placenta.  Interested candidates should have an interest in biomechanics and bioengineering, a strong background in computational modeling for fluid-structure interactions, including familiarity with Comsol and open-source applications such as Salome, and a strong motivation to help lead a new cross-disciplinary research project with buy-in from clinicians, physiology experts and engineers.  More information is available at the CTR website or at .

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