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Using Abaqus for cracks in the rocks

Hello Everyone,

 My research is in petroleum geomechanics and I am Using Abaqus for my simulations of cracks and induced fractures in rocks around the wellbore I do have some problms and I will be happy if anybody can assist me:

1- I am interested in looking at Hoop stress at evry point around the wellbore ,but in Abaqus I can only see that in degrees of 0,90,180,270 of circular wellbore by using S1 and S2 ,naybody has a code or experience with that?

2-What is a correct method if we are interested in propping our fractures?






 1) One way is to output related stress components and get hoop stress by simple coding, no more than 10 lines in matlab.


2) Depends on the problem, you can either model crack propagation with continuum elements or cohesive elements. For the former, you may need to use special constitutive behaviors for rocks. Abaqus has lots of choices on modeling failure in rocks, check Abaqus manual about 'materials'. You can also develop your own subroutine to handle damage evolution. Lots of publications on modeling cracking propagation using cohesive elements can be found. One example on rocks can be seen in the following paper:

Wei & Anand. On brittle-to-ductile transition and dilatancy in
rocks: a micromechanical modeling, International Journal of solids and
structures,volume 45, Issue 10, 15 May 2008, Pages 2785-2798,

I would like to know further on how to find the hoope stress from stress components, some more hint would be much help ful. Thanking you.



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