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Abaqus Fully Coupled Thermal Analysis, Discontinuities

Hi everybody, I have done a Fully-Coupled Thermal Analysis using Abaqus. The analysis is done for a structure created as one part, where i have defined 2 different materials using partitions. The materials have similar young modulus. It seems i get correct and continuous results for nodal temperatures and displacements. However when I analyze the stresses the change of stresses on the boundaries or intersection of the 2 materials is discontinuous. As i am modelling the structure as one part, i dont consider interaction properties and Abaqus consider the 2 materials as bonded or welded. Should i expect this discontinuities?. I have refined the mesh around the interactions of the two materials and checked the properties and loads and still have same results.

Do you have any suggestion what could be happening or what should i check as next step?

Thank you very much


you can also use matplotlib (a python module)

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It could be due to the algorithm used for smoothening the stress contours or in other words that used for determining the stresses at the nodes based on those at the Gauss points.  Such an algorithm may not smoothen the contours at the interface of two materials. 

I am assuming that you have two materials, which have exactly same:

  • Youngs modulus (and may be Poisson's ratio also)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion



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displacement should be continous, stress should not.

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Roxana, I guess you raised this question before on this forum. Check my reply on

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