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Shape memory alloy material models including plasticity implemented in ABAQUS

I am working with shape memory alloys (nitinol), and am in that respect investigating fracture behaviour of NiTi, using, among other things, simulations in ABAQUS. ABAQUS doesn't have a material model that include plasticity unless you pay for it. I am wondering if anyone have implemented either of the following models as a UMAT, and if you are willing to share the code with me.

The models I am interested in are:

- Yan et al. (2003): based on Auricchio's model with a slight change in the martensite evolution and including plasticity (basic J2-flow theory)
- Wang X.M. (2008): a micromechanical approach to phase transformation, accounting for plasticity effects through crystal plasticity (this I am particularly interested in).
- Lagoudas et al. (2004): this approach is directed towards transformation induced plasticity

I would be very thankful to anyone who can help me out. If someone has implemented other material models which include shape memory behaviour and plasticity I would be very interested in this too.




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Contact Dr. Nuno Rebelo at Simulia West for details.

Xiao-Yan Gong, PhD President Medical Implant Mechanics LLC 26895 Aliso Creek Road, Suite #B716 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

I am doing my Masters degree,project is on Shape memory alloy(NITINOL)......does any body know how to model SMA using Patran and MSC.Marc?????

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T.Kim Parnell, PhD,PE
Sunnyvale, CA

MSC.MARC has excellent capabilities for modeling of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) like Nitinol (NiTi, Nickel Titanium). MARC has 2 models: 

  • a Superelastic model, named the Mechanical Shape Memory Model, based on the work of Auricchio
  • a true Shape Memory model, named the Thermo-Mechanical Shape Memory Model

 The Thermo-Mechanical Shape Memory Model may be used directly for modeling things like shape recovery.  It includes the Superelastic response as a subset.

More details, full documentation, etc. are available in the MSC.MARC documentation that you can find on  The MSC Software VPD Forums are another good source of detailed information.

There is a nice video showing a coupled Electrical-Joule Heating-Mechanical analysis of a Shape Memory Alloy actuator (using the Thermo-Mechanical Shape Memory Model) and a STent-Artery interaction (using the Mechanical Shape Memory Model) from Sean Harvey and presented at SMST-2010 posted in HD at: 

or at



Hi everyone,

I am a student, nice to meet you all here, 

I am studying in Abaqus with the problem is that simulation the compression test of medical device with Nitinol material.

I already know how to simulate, but the result of simulation (deformation) is quite small in comparison with experiment result. I think this is because of my mistake in the input value of plasticity for Nitinol. In this case, I  declare only the elasticity.

Therefore, I would like to ask you about the plasticity information in order to define Nitinol material properties.

 Thanks all of you for your sharing, 

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 What model do you use ? Do you have a subroutine code ?

Are you aware that there is a built-in model ?
Log on to the support page
and create a free user account.

Then search for
answer ID 1658: UMAT and VUMAT routines for the elastic-plastic simulation of Nitinol
answer ID 4699: Abaqus/CAE plug-in utility to calibrate Nitinol material behavior

Good luck



Dear Frank, with a free account it seems that i Cannot visualize the answers that you suggested... I am a completely  new abaqus user and i  would need a SMA model that simulates the shape memory effect and that includes plasticity... Could you help me?  Are there some clear tutorials or some other discussions somewhere for the SMA rutines and the materiale calibration? Thanks a lot!


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