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Shape Memory Alloys

Four Fully Funded PhD Positions

#IPPTPAN in collaboration with Department of Engineering at #NTU is offering four fully supported #PhD positions in the following fields:


1) Non-linear thermo-mechanical behaviour of polycrystalline shape memory alloys undergoing complex loadings < >


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Mechanistic origins of work hardening in shape memory alloy particle reinforced ex-situ bulk metallic glass matrix composites

Monolithic Bulk Metallic Glasses (BMGs) exhibit strain softening or elastic-perfectly plastic response under uniaxial loading. However, shape memory alloy particle reinforced BMG matrix composites show strong work hardening in experiments. In our recent paper published in Scripta Materialia, we explain the Mechanistic origins of work hardening in shape memory alloy particle reinforced ex-situ bulk metallic glass matrix composites through three dimensional finite element simulations.

International Conference ECCOMAS SMART 2017, Madrid, Spain, on smart materials

Within the frame of the 8th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Smart Structures and Materials (SMART 2017), to be held in Madrid, Spain, on June 5-8, 2017, we are organizing minisymposium MS13 titled “Smart materials capable of recoverable inelastic strain”. 

Relevant contributions are solicited specifically in the following technical areas:

Postdoctoral position in Mechanical Engineering - Shape Memory Alloys

The following description is for a position is in my research group at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

About Khalifa University (

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Fracture mechanics of shape memory alloys: review and perspectives

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are intermetallic alloys displaying recoverable strains that can be an order of magnitude greater than in traditional alloys due to their capacity to undergo a thermal and/or stress-induced martensitic phase transformation. Since their discovery, the SMA industry has been dominated by products for biomedical applications with geometrically small feature sizes, especially endovascular stents.

Postdoctoral position in computational solid mechanics

Job Summary:
The postdoctoral research associate is expected to
provide research support within the frame of a multi-year engineering
research project undertaken by faculty from the departments of
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Math and Sciences at Khalifa
University. Limited teaching or other academic duties may be assigned to
the successful candidate under the supervision of the Advisor as
required by the University.
The successful candidate will be

Underlying Material Response for Lüders-Like Instabilities

► The underlying material response of partially unstable materials is measured. ► This is done for Lüders deformed steel and a shape memory alloy. ► They both exhibit an up-down-up response. ► The extracted responses used in numerical models reproduce the structural responses.

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On superelastic bending of shape memory alloy beams

In this paper, a closed-form solution is presented for bending analysis of shape memory alloy (SMA) beams.

Subroutine simulation migration from HETVAL to UMATH


I'm already simulating a shape memory alloy behavior with the aid of the HETVAL subroutine, but I'd like to use UMATHT instead, since the HETVAL can't simulate correctly heat absortion(cooling down).

I've tried to add the required values for UMATHT without achieving a correct phase fraction simulation, and some times even no compilation of the .for file.

Is there any other examples that uses UMATHT besides the Stefan problem?
Any other recommendation about HETVAL to UMATHT migration?

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PhDs and Post-doctorate Research Positions in Shape Memory Alloys

are several immediate openings of research-oriented Phds and Post-Doc positions, in the
department of civil engineering, the University of Akron (UA). Please see tha attached file for datails.

Modelling a spring shape memory alloy


I am a Masters student and I need to model a spring shape memory alloy in ABAQUS. I have found a UMAT file,however the file contains the geometry of a 1X1X1 cube. Does anyone have any idea of how I could copy the geometry of the spring(which i modeled in solidworks and imported to ABAQUS)into the input file of the cube,so that I could run the model in ABAQUS. I have tried this but ABAQUS is giving me errors

Or does anyone have any other idea of how I could model a Sping SMA in ABAQUS?






Fracture initiation in NiTi


I am investigating the effect of triaxial stress state on the superelastic behavior in NiTi. In this regard I have conducted some simple tensile tests on notched specimen until fracture. The next step is to investigate the fracture surfaces in SEM to determine point of initiation and the structures. However, as my knowledge in fractography is limited at best, I am not really sure what to look for to determine eg. fracture initiation.

Shape memory alloy material models including plasticity implemented in ABAQUS

I am working with shape memory alloys (nitinol), and am in that respect investigating fracture behaviour of NiTi, using, among other things, simulations in ABAQUS. ABAQUS doesn't have a material model that include plasticity unless you pay for it. I am wondering if anyone have implemented either of the following models as a UMAT, and if you are willing to share the code with me.

The models I am interested in are:

Active Materials for Medical Devices

In conjunction with the 2nd International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - BIOSTEC 2009


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Modeling SMAs in ABAQUS

Hi Dear fellow Mechanicians

I am Ali Nojoumi a M.Sc. Civil engineer and I'm modleing shape memory alloys using in concrete shear walls to reduce the effects of earthquakes...

making my Model by ABAQUS, I should use UserSubroutine to define such SuperElastic behavior How can I manage that and   have anyone ever done this?

I would be glad to have your suggestions or any contribution.

thanks alot; AliNojumi@GMAIL

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