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ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) mesh adaptivity in ABAQUS/Standard


 I'm doing some numerical analysis on penetration of infra-strucutres on soils (such as CPT tests) in ABAQUS/CAE .. what I'm recently challenging with is to overcome the element excessive distorsion due to large deformations... I have to apply contact constraints in my model...I would appreciate it if you share your expriences with me regarding the following tips:

1- Is it possible to use the ALE (Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian) mesh adaptivity in ABAQUS/Standard? If yes, do you know of any accessible examples (.cae files) or references?

2- One strange thing is that I can run my model in ABAQUS/Standard with reports of excessive mesh distorion in 4-10 elements and still get the answer. How much I can rely on such results?

3- Are there any available examples of apllication of ALE mesh adaptivity verifying its applicability in ABAQUS?


Any help would throroughly be appreciated...



1. Yes it is available, Refer to CAE/USers manual

2. It depends. If the worst element is away from your region of interest then by St Venant's principle you can ignore the singularities from these elements. It is tough to give a clear answer for this

3. There are some sample forming problems run with and without ALE. You can get all this from the USers manual

 The ALE in standard is a bit limited compared to Explicit. In explicit you can preserve the mesh gradient whereas you cannot in standard. For example if you have a surface with fine mesh in one place and coarse mesh in another, the moment you turn on ALE all the nodes get smoothed out. You will loose the mesh refinement. Hope that helps



 Thanks for your comments. Indeed they were helpful. I was able to apply ALE to ABAQUS/Standard model, but as you said the mesh adaptivity is not as efficient as it could be in ABAQUS/Explicit. The problem is that in ABAQUS/Explicit we have few geo-materials to assign and also geostatic analysis is not available to apply initial conditions. Maybe this is one drawback of ABAQUS 6.8, however, I'm not sure if this shortage is fixed in recent versions of ABAQUS.


Again, I appreciate your help and wish you all the bests.



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