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Looking for a post-doc position in computational mechanics and structural engineering. I will be your best choice

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Having achieved many goals in my career of computational methods in structural mechanics, structure engineering, finite element method and computational simulation of structural construction process, I am interested in widening my professional horizons by seeking new challenges. I am looking for a postdoctoral position in computational mechanics and structural engineering.

I have just graduated from Tongji University and achieved Ph.D. degree of structure engineering. Now I am working in Engineering Technology Research Co, LTD. of CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co, LTD. As a member of your group, I can provide:

Excellent computer programming skills and computational mechanics base: I have four years of experience in computer programming of finite element analysis software 3D3S (including linear and nonlinear static analysis program, dynamic analysis program, stability analysis program, construction process analysis program), have strong proficiency in F90/F95 and C++.

Excellent numerical simulation skills and finite element analysis: I have taken part in computation and analysis of some large civil engineering projects, such as Sutong Bridge, Expo Axis, Sun Valley of 2010 Shanghai World Expo, numerical simulation of immersed tunnel floating and immersion, and so on.

Good experimental experience: Now I am in charge of test study on water tightness and durability of immersed tunnel segment (Hongkong-Macau-Zhuhai-Br Main Bridge construction preliminary design phase: special subject report 19).

Good personalities and communication skills: Maturity, honesty and leadership, to regard great challenges as great opportunities. Enthusiastically hard work in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative environment.

My research interests are:
 1. Finite element method and finite elemeont modelling of structures
 2. Computational mechanics and nonlinear mechanics
 3. Solid and structural mechanics
 4. Numerical simulation of fracture, deformation, heat and construction procedure
 5. Disaster prevention & mitigation
 6. Cable and membrane structure
 7. Bridge structure


I think I have enough skills to do more and further research. I am sure I will be your best choice.

Kang Lan

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