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Structural thermal analysis in ANSYS

How can we perform first structural and then thermal analysis in ANSYS (version 12) ? All the examples show the sequence the other way. I can't go for Direct coupled method as the materials are elastic-plastic (plasticity is not supported by direct coupling elements).


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this is not a combination of thermal and solid, so you can use the reguler way to solve this problem.divide this into two steps, the first is the loading of strutual, and the next is thermal. 

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I will send you tutorial about couple problem: thermal and structure.

1st you must solve temperature problem, next, give *.rth file and do structural solution.

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Please i wish to also have the tutorials on coupled structural and thermal analysis in ANSYS. Thank you

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friend if u know about it than send me in my email

I want to know how to calculate the thermal stresses if only temperature is given as a boundary condition in ANSYS...........

If someone have idea please reply


 I'm doing my research on welding deformation analysis, and I'm looking for the ansys tutorial on welding (thermal). Please any1 can provide me with ansys tutorial on welding or thermal analysis tutorial for ansys...

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...try SOLID 226 Elements (Ansys 13)? According to the Element Ref. it does include plasticity and is usable for direct coupling analysis. It seems to be the successor of the SOLID5 Element you may meant.

 Good luck and keep me posted if it worked!


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