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Modeling the dynamic mechanical analysis of a single pulp fiber

Hi there,


I am trying to model the DMA test for single pulp fiber. In this research I can I assume whatever procedure or materials parameters I need, from an old PhD thesis I took some materials parameters for the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and by using the composite theories I calculated the stiffness matrices for each constituent I have and from there I calculated the stiffness matrix of the fiber, and of course calculated the longitudinal young’s modulus of the fiber at the room temperature.


I wrote a MATLAP code for the above procedure.


So far I have now problems, but now I do need to calculate the loss and storage modulus for the fiber at different temp, which I don’t know how to do it.


I did read and search a lot on line and in the library bout I could not find any book or article can help me to finish the research.


Any one can advice me?



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Dear Al Taib

 Here you can find the loss and storage modulus for the spruce specimen at different temp:

Obataya, E., M. Norimoto, et al. (1998). "The effects of adsorbed water on dynamic mechanical properties of wood." Polymer 39(14): 3059-3064.

 Kind Regards,


Dear Ahmed

Where can I find this article?

and if u have it would u plz send it to me

 Thanks for ur reply

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You can find it in  if you have subscription.

However, please send me your email address I can send it for you.


Ahmad Rafsanjani

EMPA Wood Laboratory




thanks a lot i found it

Any more ideas

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