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Phd / PostDoc position Additive Manufacturing - Polymers

A postdoc or a PhD position are available immediately at the Laboratoire de Mecanique des Solides (Solid Mechanics) at project is focused on understanding the impact of UV polymerization on the constitutive behaviour of printed polymer composites. The position is part of an ongoing collaboration with a german academic partner.

Work of adhesion/separation between soft elastomers of different mixing ratios

Adhesion between soft matter is a universal mechanical problem in bio-engineering and bio-integration. The Johnson–Kendall–Roberts (JKR) method is widely used to measure the work of adhesion and work of separation between soft materials.

Modeling the dynamic mechanical analysis of a single pulp fiber

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I am trying to model the DMA test for single pulp fiber. In this research I can I assume whatever procedure or materials parameters I need, from an old PhD thesis I took some materials parameters for the cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and by using the composite theories I calculated the stiffness matrices for each constituent I have and from there I calculated the stiffness matrix of the fiber, and of course calculated the longitudinal young’s modulus of the fiber at the room temperature.


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