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Realistic looking simulations


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The visuals here are impressive, especially the first soil simulation.  Is it known what particle method is used?  It's a rendering engine for games, so they might not care about accuracy, but its interesting to see how the gaming community handles physics simulations.  A year or two ago the University of Utah (Claudio Silva's group) developed a GPU implementation of the Material Point Method; the question was whether physics could be rendered in real time; I don't know how the project turned out.


The engine was developed by Thiago Costa.  Say's its SPH.

-- Biswajit

Wow, those are pretty impressive! I had to watch it three times just to see some of thsoe again.

 I wonder if it is pure SPH simulations. If so, it gave nice-looking effects even though many of the visualizations don't match my expectations for the types of physics I tend to associate with SPH1, indeed some of the most neat-looking ones really don't (such as the fabrics).



1 The canonical use case being the simulation of Peeps , evidently.

The bunny that you see in some of the simulations has also been used in some Uintah simulations with nVidia GPUs.  That seems to be the replacement in the dynamic case for the old static graphics teapot.

-- Biswajit

I wonder if there is an intentional pun using a bunny as a stock 3d visualization test case when the classic test case for 2d graphics is also a bunny .

nice visualization.

in social sciences they made such 3D experience (for social networks studies)

with web crawlers + Pajek + Processing  like on  (visual sociology)










you can use to gephi  : "Interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems"

very used in social sciences nowadays...


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