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Mimics®14 enables design on anatomical data

Mimics 14 comes with a CAD-like functionality, enabling you to design directly on anatomical data. 


Leuven, Belgium, October 4, 2010. Materialise NV, the world leader in software for 3D medical image processing, announces the release of Mimics 14. This release integrates ‘digital’ CAD, allowing fast and accurate design of e.g. implants and surgical guides, starting from a patient’s CT or MRI data.


With the release of Mimics 14, Materialise made an important leap forward in its goal to enable engineering on anatomy. The most striking advancement is the integration of CAD-like functionality, enabling you to design directly on anatomical data. 

Materialise did this by including their 3-matic software in this release. 3-matic is their ‘digital’ engineering software, combining remeshing and design functionality, dedicated for anatomical data. 3-matic can be launched from within Mimics, allowing a continuous workflow.These two software packages, are bundled in “the Mimics Innovation Suite”. The Mimics Innovation Suite is perfectly complimentary with traditional CAD packages. 

In addition, Mimics 14 includes several other new features, such as a link towards surgerical navigation, a faster alignment or your scans by using the patient coordinate system and some new spline options. 

Erik Boelen, Mimics Product Specialist: “The integration of CAD functionality in this Mimics release is of paramount importance in healthcare. One can use 3D patient data immediately as a basis for the design of either implants or guides. Optionally export it to any FEA package to optimize the design. This paves the way for patient-specific devices, with all associated benefits, ultimately leading to improved patient care.”

Download the Mimics Innovation Suite here.

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