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please tell if any body knows Step by Step procedure how to execute the problem described below....

My project is "Study on the behaviour of FRP strengthened concrete structures subject to cyclic load".

concrete 1500 x 100 x 200

CFRP: 460 x 50

Adhesieve: epoxy(sikadur 30): 460 x 50 x 0.01

Steel: 1500mm, 4mm radius, circular profile.

I have to do the following Steps using Abaqus/explicit

1. Modelling

2. Material Property

3. Assigning Sections

4. Defining Step

5. Interaction between elements

6. Specify Boundary Conditions and load

7. Meshing

8. Assigning job

9. Evaluating the results.

           so now i'll complete the modelling,.

1. coming to model part

          concrete: 3d, deformable, Solid extrude.

          CFRP: 3d, deformable, Shell, Planar.

           Steel: 3d, Deformable, wire

          Adhesieve: 3d, deformable, solid, extrude.


so like this tell me the procedure step by step please....





      thesteps you describe are the basic steps on Abaqus. If you have installed Abaqus. You can try some tutorials (you can easily find some on this forum, or on internet). But you can simply go to Abaqus and try to make a model on your own. 

create a new project. above the modeling window tere is a bar where you can select (part, properties etc..) , which allows you to do the steps you mentioned.

when you select any bar (part, properties...), the toolbar changes. For basic modeling I think you can go through the steps. You could read documentation as well, or the tutorials... 

Good luck,


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