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Abaqus 6.14-1

Regarding Node based Submodeling

Hello Everyone,


I am trying to understand how does node based submodeling work in abaqus? I am not able to comprehend how to transfer nodal outputs from some other FEM package so as to perform submodeling in Abaqus? Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

force reaction

hi dears


i have a problem with contour  reaction force


when i get result in abaqus all contours  is ok but reaction plot is zero 


can help me plz 

my model is helmet motorcycle  and a rigid surface impactor that impact run in 0.2 second and 20 step  with 11.2 mpa pressur on regid surfece impactor.


Thermal Analysis of a Coated Component

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Could anyone share some idea on how to model a Surface Coating. I am using Abaqus Standard for the thermal analysis. For the coating, i tried to create a 'Skin' on the surface and assigned a Homogenous Shell section for the Skin. Is this correct? I couldn't see much difference in the results. Or is there any better way to model a surface coating?


Experiment vs FE-model

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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to model an experiment (axial loaded concrete column). 

How can I make my load-deflection curve from the FE-model to get closer to the curve from the experiment? 


could someone tell what should I do to run Abaqus job in High Performance Computing (HPC) systems?

I want to run a job file with Abaqus 6.14-1 Software in HPC system but we did not install Abaqus in our cluster before and I do not know how can I sure about the proper installation. I prefer to run Abaqus graphically but if it is not able, we can do it by .inp file.

the system is CentOs 6.5, 60 node that every node has 4 cpus and every cpu has 4 Gb RAM.I search in the internet but I can not find a step by step guide that explain the procedure of parallelization. 

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