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Matlab source code for XFEM implementation (2D dynamic crack propagation problem)

Hello everyone,


I was looking for a Matlab source code for implementing XFEM to solve a dynamic problem (specifically dynamic crack propagation problem). I found several source codes which only solve static problems (they don't calculate mass matrix and they don't do the time integration). 


My research goal is to remove the oscillations from stress intensity factors  for a dynmic crack propagation problem. I will really appreciate any kind of help/suggestions.


With respectfully

Bhuiyan, A B M Abdul Ali

Asking for help about fixing an error while creating a model and simulating it using "SimMechanics"

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Hello , everyone ! I really need your help ! 

I've created a model for a 6DOF (RRRPRR) robot but I keep getting an error message about the "Revolute4" joint . 

Can anyone help me fixing it as soon as possible , please ? Thanks in advance . 

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