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Incrementally linear constitutive model. Nonlinear solution procedure

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Hello everyone,

My doubt is related with the obtenion of the true stress when using incrementally linear constitutive models (hypoelastic models). These models, alternatively to total stress strain models, related increment of strain and increment of stress. The predicted stress is obtained by adding to the previous stress the stress increment obtained by using the tangent matrix. By using total stress-strain models it is clear that the true stress is obtained by substituting the current strain into the constitutive equation. How do we do this for hypoelastic models?

Hypoelastic-plasticity with logarithmic spin

In small strain elastoplasticity we start off with an additive decomposition of the total strain into elastic and plastic parts. In terms of strain rates we write

$\displaystyle \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}} = \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_e} + \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_p}.<br />

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