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metal foams

PhD position at Lund University: Modeling of Microstructure Mechanics in Metal Foams


I have an opening for a PhD student in computational mechanics related to numerical modeling of microstructure mechanics in metal foams. The position is part of a larger Swedish-German Röntgen-Ångström Cluster project, involving partners at Ulm University (Germany) and Malmö University (Sweden), for which I am PI on the Swedish side and Professor Carl Krill on ther German side.

The project will include:

Measuring the relative density of open cell metal foams


I would like to know how to measure the density of open cell porous iron foam. I am studying the mechanical behavior of pure iron foams for which I need to compare the relative densities of different foam samples. Could the density of the foams be simply calculated by the mass over the bulk volume (volume of the struts + volume of the pores) of the foam? Can I use Archimedes principle to calculate the foam density given that I have open cells? What is the best method to calculate the foam density? 

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