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2D crack problem

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Using Abaqus CZM, How can I get crack length for each increment?

When using CZM for crack propagation, for each CZM element, once the separation delta > delta_c, the adhesive is completely damaged, cannot transmit stress. delta_c is the separation on the right side of the bilinear or trapezoidal models. How can I get the length of the crack for each increment of applied displacement or load? I can see that the totally damage element disappear from the Visualization but I need a better way that gives me crack length, not just a picture that shows the crack longer for each increment.

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Crack-initiation from notch

Hi All

The fracture mechanics of multiaxial fatigue loading In steel plates have been studied comprehensively since the late 70s.

simplified the case with an inclined crack in uniaxial load has been investigated in metal by many researchers, as well.

in this forum, few researchers present their work that focuses on crack initiation from notched in metals.

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