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Crack-initiation from notch

Hi All

The fracture mechanics of multiaxial fatigue loading In steel plates have been studied comprehensively since the late 70s.

simplified the case with an inclined crack in uniaxial load has been investigated in metal by many researchers, as well.

in this forum, few researchers present their work that focuses on crack initiation from notched in metals.

Experimental notch fracture testing to calculate KII


I am doing a v-notch fracture testing (experimental) with opening angles from 0,30,60,90,120 to 150 deg and need to calculate KII. I need a equation that could be used to calculate KII for both 0 deg and also for non-zero opening notch angles. I am using TestResources machine to do this shear testing and I will get results in terms of load vs. d. The material is PMMA. What could be the appropriate displacement/min or load to break the specimen.

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