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Management Study Guide

Dear all:

ManagementStudyHQ was started with a vision to help young students in
understanding management related concepts. It contains various articles
related to management and teaches you management fundamentals as well as
advanced concepts. It helps to put theoretical knowledge into practice.

Book download

Can anyone send me the link from where i can download this book for free?

Introduction to CFD by Anderson

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meshless methods summer school (Cardiff University, UK)

Dear all,


Cardiff institute of Mechanics and Advanced Materials is organising the first UK Summer School on Meshless Methods in Mechanics on the 29th and 30th of July 2013. The schedule is below.

Sources for Learning Abacus

I need to learn Abacus for modeling impact dynamics of ductile plates. Can anyone recommend some tutorials, books, or courses that would be helpful?



Pressure Load in Abaqus

In Abaqus, *DLOAD element set, Pn, magnitude.

What does "n" in "Pn" mean?

PhD position at RMIT, University

One Ph.D. student position is available at the Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials  RMIT, University. The research topic is about computational mechnaics and structural topology optimisation. It is expected to enroll in the end of this Auguest. More details please contact with

Surface definition in Ababus Inp file


I have imported my Hypermesh model to abaqus. While running the .inp file I am getting the error message  the keyword is misplaced in definition of surface.

Can anyone tell that what is the exact sequence to define the surface in .inp file.

I am attaching my input and error message file.

XFEM Stress Intensity Factor

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Hi All

I am trying to obtain SIF value for a stationary crack using XFEM in Abaqus.

I am using the 5th contour value and plotting against distance from crack front using excel.
The values are from History Output.

 I am getting a very funny graph that is going up and down.

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New Ebook on Elastic Solids at Amazon

This treatise provides a broad overview of the definitions of
fundamental quantities and methods of analysis for the use of solid materials
in structural components. The presentation is limited to the linear elastic
range of material behavior where there is a one to one relationship between
load and displacement.  Fundamental
methods of analysis and typical results for structures made of elastic solid materials
subjected to axial, bending, torsion, thermal, and internal pressure loading;

Eulerian Analysis in impact phenomena

Hi friends,

 Does anybody know what this error mean?

The general contact definition is empty. The definition must include at least one surface. If *CONTACT EXCLUSIONS was defined, check whether the *CONTACT EXCLUSIONS option was specified correctly. Additionally, check whether PURE MASTER-SLAVE formulation is applied to any self-contact situations.

sample .inp file

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Does anyone have a copy of the sample tutorial.inp file from the Brown En175 course?


Thank you so much!



Book Wanted: Handbook of Adhesion Technology!!!

Has anybody the  full pdf version of
Handbook of Adhesion Technology from dasilva??


please share the pdf version of this book with me...thank you very much !

Abaqus Help

Hello everyone. I am new to Abaqus and was wondering how to create a model of a heat sink mounted on a heated silicon dioxide substrate. The substrate is on the left side and is a rectangle with a height of 40 mm and width of 5 mm. The heat sink is connected to the right of that with a parrellelogram shape, left side height of 40 mm (adjacent to the substrate), and right side parallel with a height of 5 mm. If anyone can help it is greatly appreciated. When I try modeling it, during section assignments it will not allow me to assign any sections. I have attached a picture of the model.

ANSYS of composite plate

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How to do ANSYS of [0, 90] symmetric laminated composite plate with hole under inplane loading?

If possible send ANSYS command file to do so.


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Python Scripting


I'm a bigginer with abaqus scripting. I need some sources to start learning it. If any one has some sorces please share them.

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MSCI Scholoarships (Labex MS2T) - at UTC

UTC is pleased to announce the start of the second year of the MSCI master in Interacting Complex Systems, taught in English.

MSCI delivers a national master diploma fully accredited by French Ministry of Higher Education.

Sliding In Abaqus

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Hello everybody.

 I am trying to use abaqus software to model the sliding of a metallic pile inside a metallic sleeve. I have tried doing this with the translator connector, but I always get the message that 2 regions in the model are not connected. Can anybody help me with some hints as to how to use the connector, or if there are any other ways to model the sliding? 

Need Help for Abaqus/CAE ( best method for fatigue test for tensile test for a number of cycle)

Dear friends, i current doing a project work on testing fatigue life of superelastic nitinol. And since i am very new in using abaqus for testing the simulation, i seeking help from people around here to ask for method to test the work. My objective is to set a maximum elongation for 1%-6% of elongation and test for 40,000 cycle if it can work for this amount of cycle..

i Hope anyone can help me as i need to finish this project in order to graduate and i didnt get any single help from regarding this software from my side..

XFEM Damage Evolution fracture parameters

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I am trying to model and centre crack inclined at 45 deg angle under uniaxial compression under mixed mode I and II. I am using Abaqus 6.12SE but I'm stuck with Damage Evolution parametres: I chose Damage for Traction Separation Laws, Maxps; Damage Evolution Type = Energy; Mixed bode behaviour = Power Law with power value 1; Now at the bottom what should be the input values of Normal Mode Fracture Energy, Shear Mode Fracture Energy 1st direction and Shear Mode Fracture Energy 2nd Direction. I need help asap. Thanks all.

NL springs query

Hello guys,

I am working on a project wherein there is a rubber material which gets compressed. Now I have the force-displacement curve for this rubber material. I intend to represent the rubber with NL springs.

The F-d curve mentiones the specimen details as 5*100mm. This i beleive is the tested specimen. Now how can I consider this for the whole rubber model???

I have n number of springs connected in parallel. How can I consider this when I use a F-d curve?


Any help is appreciated.


Biographical Memoir of Zay Jeffries by W.D. Nix

I have written a National Academy of Sciences biographical memoir of Zay Jeffries, one of the great American metallurgists of the 20th century.  I am posting the link to the NAS website here with the thought that some readers of iMechanica might be interested in the piece.  Some will be interested to learn that Jeffries came very close to discovering dislocations some 18 years before the great papers of Taylor, Orowan and Polyanyi in 1934.



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