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Educational iPad app on structural mechanics

I would like to share with fellow mechanicians an educational iPad app I recently developed. The name of the app is Truss Me! and the main goal is to help students, all the way from high school to college, to build intuition on how truss structures behave. The video below highlights some features of the app:

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How to get the update the local material coordinate in large deformation for hyperelasitc rubber-like materials?


I want to ask things about the updation of local material coordinate in large deformation. 

Does there exist two ways for this?

1. Polar decomposition of Gradient Deformation Tensor F to get the rotation tensor.

2. Update each basis vector of local material coordinate system using modified Gradient Deformation Tensor F_bar = F*J^(-1/3).

What I cared about is the second method, is the second method available?

Wish someone could help me, : ). Thanks!! 

Compatibility: Surface-Based Cohesive Behavior in UEL

Hi all,


I have been trying to model the surface interaction between two blocks of material using surface-based cohesive elements (*cohesive behavior). This works well in ABAQUS CAE (standard) when I set the material properties as "Mechanical, Elastic" so no problem with that.

However, I would now like to use the material properties from a fortran code. To do this, I was planning on defining the elements using *UEL with an overlay to record all the values. Is this compatible with cohesive zone elements? 


Questions about tensors and matrices

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I am having questions with tensors. I know that not all matrices are tensor. Tensor is a homogeneous, linear and vector valued function. So my questions are:


  1. Are all 3*3 matrices tensors?
  2. Are all anisymmetric second order tensors orthogonal?



Stresses interpretation in ABAQUS


I am doing the beam tutorial in ABAQUS and I get the mises stress output as given in the tutorial document (ABAQUS manual appendix B).

I am trying to understand the S11, S22 and S33 outputs from this model. The document I am using for my steps are attached. Couldn't attach my .cae file here.

GTN vumat/umat

    I need someone who can help me with GTN model and it's vumat/umat specially, friends that have experiment pleaaaaase help me, thanks,regards


fracture mechanics

hi all

Am doing my project in abaqus. how to calculate the normal mode fracture energy, shear mode fracture energy first direction and shear mode fracture energy second direction in power law

could anyone help me???

thanks in advance...

rcc beam column joint

I need pdf or video tutorials for modeling of beam column joint in ansys . please help me any one


Analysis problem on ansys 14.5

I am a student using ansys for solve problems but i have a problem "how to find at which force value the component will be fail". A ball has to pass through a cone and i am intrested to know that force value at which boll will be pass through cone nerrow section while boll diameter is large than small dia of cone.


Plz help me anyone ansys masters

Thanks dear frnd & sir... 

Introduction to ANSYS FLUENT lectures+workshops


The complete Intro to ANSYS FLUENT training is a 2 day training.

1. Welcome and Introduction to ANSYS 

2. Introduction to CFD

4. Boundary Conditions and Cell Zones 

5. Solver Settings 

6. Turbulence Modeling 

7. Heat Transfer Modeling 

8. User-Defined Functions 

9. Advanced Physics 

10. Transient Flow Modeling 


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1)Is Hooke's Law applicable for all three states of matter(solids,liquids and gases)? And if hooke's law is applicable for all three states of matter , is there any change among the statements of hooke's law  for solid , liquid and gas? 

2) Upto what exact point is hooke's law applicable? 1)Elastic limit ; 2)Proportional Limit .

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Principal stress

These notes are written to supplement ES 240 Solid Mechanics.

Also see notes on linear algebra.


Explicit Dynamics with ANSYS LS-DYNA training course

This training course covers the ANSYS LS-DYNA Interface, which seamlessly links the ANSYTS traditional environment pre- and post-processing software with the LS-DYNA explicit solver to conduct highly nonlinear, transient dynamic analyses. Sequential solutions are also discussed, in which the ANSYS implicit solver is used in conjunction with the LS-DYNA explicit solver to extend the range of applications.

request for information

what are the sorces required to test metals for varying strain rates and temperatures and their properties in corresponding conditions? Also please elucidate on project scope?

Finding effect of transverse varck on shaft using ANSYS

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I want to find effect of transverse crack on rotating shaft by using ANSYS software, I trying modal analysis but couldn't get results, so plz if somebody have tutorials for modal analysis of cracked rotor then plz send me.

Next CONTACT-course in december 2013

Dear all,

On Tuesday December 3rd to Thursday December 5th, 2013, we will organise a course on rolling contact mechanics using the CONTACT software at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The aims of the course are:

cost to measure residual stresses

Can please any one tell me about the cost to measure the  residual stresses,in India

the process is:XRD

thickness is:10mm 

masters in US




ABAQUS meshing problems

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Hello everyone,

automobile/production/industrial engineering

diesel engine uses only the heat of compressed air to ignite the fuel as it is
injected into combustion chamber. But in low temperatures the colder air will
make it a bit harder to start the engine than hot air and it can overcome by installing
spark plugs which are essentially very small, but powerful heaters in the
combustion chamber.i want to discuss about the general working of diesel
engine in low temperatures and the changes should be made to work more

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looking for fluid-structure interaction course


I am looking for a short (one week) course on fluid-structure interactions. Does anyone can advice me such a course?



delamination of composite tee joints

hi this is alex i am working on composte tee joints expermental thing so i have been change to computational ,so need a help in umat since i am new to this abacus i couldn't able to write this umat code for delamination of epoxy /corban fibre material with t joints with unidirectonal fibre alinement with 3 laminate

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Online MS degree in Mechanical Design


I am a mechanical engineer and have been in industry for past 12 years.Was trying to find out a good instituition to purue an Online MS degree in Mechanical Design/or any other core mechanical stream.Can anyone help me with this please.

My sincere apologies if this is not the right place to post a query like this.

Best Regards


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