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Runing of input file

Dear friends,

if i have one input file i will import by file---model---inputfile

the i will see what they did in othermodules, for learning from exapmle problem

but if i have morethan one input file mean main input file and node information and element information both are seaprate input for reduc thesize of file.

how to import via part--model--

so how to merge this more than one input file 

thanks and regards


IIT Delhi

contact & Geometric non linearity

I am looking for acadmic material to address contact & Geometric (Large deformation) non-linearity problem. Can anyone provide the material to address these two concept in details.


Ritesh Parikh

Neuber Plasticity correction


Can we used Neuber Plasticity correction method to composite material to estimate equivalent elasto-plastic stress from linear elastic stress results ?

Can anybody provide some document which support the usability of Neuber method to composite ?


Ritesh Parikh

Notes On Linear Static Analysis & Dynamic Analysis

Hi friends i am new user and 1 year experienced guy in CAE field in  Pune, India.

    i wants some tips/notes in Linear Static Analysis & non Linear analysis.

 Tips/ Notes about softwares like MSc nastran, Abaqus will be useful for me. So plz tell me how can i obtain them.

elastomer gasket life prediction

my project is life prediction of elastomer gaskets in ic engines using fea.     how can i select the constitutive model and the life prediction associated with which mechanism whther stress relaxation, stress softening or  excessive creep


Analysis and Optimization

I m Manoj, doing my Mtech in CAD/CAM. I  m doing my project work in design analysis & optimization of seatback of  car seat. I want the information about rear impact & theory material for the same.

Thank's all in advance.

How to import Ls-Dyna files(*.k) to Abaqus CAE 6.7 Edu version

How to import what i beleive is Ls-Dyna files with an extension (.k) in to Abaqus CAE 6,7 edu version?? . Any free translaters are available or can it be done with Abaqus itself ??

 Thx in advance


Naghdi's Notes on Continuum Mechanics (ME 185)

 Professor Naghdi's classnotes on continuum mechanics are posted at, and are also linked from my faculty page under "ME 185"

Concreate Prestress Model Not converge in step Loading

Dear Sir,


             I 've mater thesis project about prestress concreate bridge. On the first step I used Bolt load for represent prestress on Tendon

to hold all bridge block. And second step I apply load on vertical load such as 3 point bending test. On the first step I can run it completed. But on the second step it not converge. I need some comment for help mesolve this problem


                                                                                                                        Thanks you 

Adhesive modeling in ANSYS


Anybody knows how to model Adhesive between two block in ANSYS? Please help me out by suggesting the approprate method(s). 

I will welcome any appeal for clarification, required in this question.




Amit Acharya's picture

Deformation 'Gradient', Right/Left Cauchy Green Compatibility

I post some (hand-written) notes on compatibility conditions for both small and finite strains that I have used for helping me in lecturing. These may be useful for our student friends on imechanica. I also post a paper on compatibility conditions for the Left Cauchy-Green field in three dimensions as well as the paper by Janet Blume on the same subject.

Modal analysis of reactor internals of PWR

In Modal analysis of reactor internals of PWR how the mass of moving water will be added in the structure in ansys.

finite element analysis

Can i have some notes on FEM & FDM?

I am a ew member

   I am a first year student of civil school in Myanmar.

I wanna get knowledge from all of you about civil engineering. Please show me the way to the success by a civil engineer .If u have something to guide me,u can send email

     thanks to all

Rui Huang's picture

Engineering Mechanics 397: Thin Film Mechanics

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Place: ECJ 1.214, University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: Rui Huang, WRW 117D, (512) 471-7558,

Lecture notes (coming soon)

Homewrok sets (coming soon)

Brief Outline of Topics


Mat_54_55 (LS DYNA material model)

I would like to know the difference between Effective Strain, Effective Plastic Strain and Effective Failure Strain.

crash/error message

Could anyone let me know the reason why Abaqus/CAE closes with the crash/error message when you submit or want to visualise your result.

...... I am new in the use of the Abaqus software


Rolling Contact Simulation & Analysis in ANSYS

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 
Free Tags: 

How to find max stress in the short beam

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hi Every one,

It is immense pleasure to meet all you in this technical forum.

I have a basic query in strength of materials

This is about of short beam

Beam dimensions are
L=7.375 mm
Dia =15.05 mm
Tip Force=27514 N

For the above beam, following are the geometrical properties

area=177.894 mm^2
IZZ=2518 mm^4

For this kind of beam, how should we approach so as to determine the maximum stress in the component.

Information on cad/cam/pro - e courses

Dear Sir/ Mam,

I am a Diploma holder in Mech. Engg. with 10 years experience in QC and 4 years experience in drafting.

          I have already completed a course in AutoCad 2000 in 2D and 3D. I am interested in persuing course in CAD/ CAM/Pro - e. Please guide . Please give details of institutes in Kolkata offering the said courses. Thank you

Dr. Ranjan

May I get the technical difference ansys is having over abaqus or Nastran. Or may I ger the URL where I can get the information.

FEM error message


I have been struggling with the following error message in FEMLAB software: "The length of fem.appl(1).equ.ind must equal the number of domains in the geometry." I don't know exactly how to fix this error message. Would you please help me?

 Thank you, Yoon


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