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Rolling Contact Simulation & Analysis in ANSYS

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How to find max stress in the short beam

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Hi Every one,

It is immense pleasure to meet all you in this technical forum.

I have a basic query in strength of materials

This is about of short beam

Beam dimensions are
L=7.375 mm
Dia =15.05 mm
Tip Force=27514 N

For the above beam, following are the geometrical properties

area=177.894 mm^2
IZZ=2518 mm^4

For this kind of beam, how should we approach so as to determine the maximum stress in the component.

Information on cad/cam/pro - e courses

Dear Sir/ Mam,

I am a Diploma holder in Mech. Engg. with 10 years experience in QC and 4 years experience in drafting.

          I have already completed a course in AutoCad 2000 in 2D and 3D. I am interested in persuing course in CAD/ CAM/Pro - e. Please guide . Please give details of institutes in Kolkata offering the said courses. Thank you

Dr. Ranjan

May I get the technical difference ansys is having over abaqus or Nastran. Or may I ger the URL where I can get the information.

FEM error message


I have been struggling with the following error message in FEMLAB software: "The length of fem.appl(1).equ.ind must equal the number of domains in the geometry." I don't know exactly how to fix this error message. Would you please help me?

 Thank you, Yoon

Electromechanical screw driven Tensile machine

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I would like to know what is the role of data sampling, data capture rate and bandwidth in case of electromechanical static tensile test. What are their optimum values for a static tensile test of metals according to ASTM standards.

We are deciding to buy Instron 5567 series for 50kN. But we are unable to decide whether that high data acquisition rate, bandwidth is required. Please suggest.

Muskhelishvili's method of estimating USING COMPLEX POTENTIALS

I'm looking for resources for reading and studing concerning the Muskhelishvili's method of estimating the stresses and desplacement fields for singular states of stresses using complex potentials from given boundaries as they mentioned in Timoshenko's book 'theory of elasticity ' pages:203..209.

I tried in my school library and i found nothing.

Thanks in anycase

Ilias I. T.

Viscoelasticity in Abaqus

Hi All,

 I would like to use Abaqus to model the viscoelastic material  behaviour of a polymer.

I have material data from a simple uniaxial creep experiment (nominal strain vs time).  I tried to use the viscoelastic material model in Abaqus.  I am a bit confused as to how I need to enter my data (what format). 

The manual says I have to specify the normalized bulk and normalized shear compliance

ANSYS Simulation

Dear All,

 Is there a source of free material data property files for use in ANSYS Simulation? I am looking for a file representing the properties of Neodymium Iron Boron (38) (permanent magnet material) to apply to a simulation of a motor. 

 Thanks for any help!


composite materials

how to do  analysis of cmposite by ansys


Term paper writing

   Writing!!!!!!!! Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nowadays all of the institutions demand “paper” submission; this is a part of the academy. Even in the high school student, they want to submit some writing like coursework writing, for research students, undergraduate students, and post graduate students – all of the students are suffering to submit papers within the time.


Notes on structural dynamics

If any one has notes or reference to website for learning structural dynamics, kindly help me out

M Tech/ME and B Tech/BE Projects Available in Pune (Mech., CS, etc.)

I have quite a few ideas for MTech/ME/BTech/BE degree projects. The projects may be suitable in many different branches, including Mechanical, Computer Science, Metallurgical, Aerospace, Civil, etc. (In a few cases, MSc/M Phil students of departments like Physics or Computer Modeling and Simulation would be suitable too.)

All these projects are available for the new academic year (2008-09), at Pune, India.


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Dear All,

 I need to know which software that is better  for impact simulation of composites ANSYS or ABAQUS. Which one is more friendly to use as  I am new in software stuffs.


Thank you.



Plane stress with thickness

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How to model a unit cell on ABAQUS

Hi. Please i want to know (from basics) how to model a unit cell and assign it properties as i need this for my ongoing dissertation.


Hello ALL,

Any sort of help related 3d fracture analysis.



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Lecture notes on "Elasticity" and "Statistical Mechanics"

The lecture notes of the two courses I taught at Stanford University during the last two quarters, "ME 340 Elasticity" and "ME 334 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics", are available in PDF format online at:

Perhaps it could be useful to you.

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A crucial text from Jim Rice of his Timoshenko's medal speach.

It is difficult to reminisce over my own formative years without sensing
the sharp contrast with the far more difficult situation faced by the
young generation today. My generation, and especially my own narrow age
range within that generation, had things easier, I think, than any group
before or after. I entered Lehigh for undergraduate studies one year
after Sputnik. It was a time when support for science and engineering
was enlarging fast, when opportunities were abundant. There were plenty

institutes eor autocad

sir, i am a student of mech engg and i want to know about the institutes in delhi that offers short term couses for autocad and proe

Difference b/w ref pt and datum pt in ABACUS??

what is the Difference b/w ref pt and datum pt in ABACUS??

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Web 2.0 and Medicine

I stumbled across this interesting blog post yesterday concerning an upcoming course on medicine via web 2.0.   It appeared quite interesting from several perspectives: first, medicine is often associated with being behind the times on technology but this all looks pretty current, secondly it may be the most comprehensive listing of topics I have seen where web 2.0 is applied to a single discipline, and finally it made me wonder what more we could do with mechanics via web 2.0 beyond just the

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Professor Zhigang will give lectures at Tongji University, Shanghai China

from the prof. Ying Dai:

Prof. Zhigang will give two lectures on 1:45pm, 29 May, 2008 at Tongji University, Shanghai China.

Position is the second floor meeting room of Run Run Shaw building.

 1. from Learning Harvard University to The National Academy of Engineering (NAE) of American

2.  Mechanics of Soft Active Materials


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