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Those were not waves: A bit historical re. Huygens' principle

A few points that might be of general interest:

1. The dates: The date of Huygens' first written down material, which was orally presented to the French Academy of Sciences, is 1678---in contrast to the oft-quoted date of 1690. 1690 was the year of the first, French, publication of these notes (plus other material) in the form of a book.

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A mathematician's take on "what is light?"

Attached is an intriguing commentary on the scientific method through an example, written by my good friend, Luc Tartar. The specific example is that of trying to understand what 'light' might be, especially from a mathematician's point of view. The mathematician in this case is an extremely talented one, who also happens to actually understand a whole lot of physics and mechanics.

Graduate Student or Graduate Employee?

Lately I have been thinking that "Graduate Student" is a misnomer. The correct title should be "Graduate Research Assistant" or "Graduate Engineer".  After more than a year spent in industry, I think that there really is no difference in the work done. Except that the work environment is more flexible in academia. 

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