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failure model

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Postdoctoral position in Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Polymer Composites under High Strain Rate Deformations

Applications are invited for an immediate  Postdoctoral position within the Cognitive Performance Optimization Laboratory (COPOL) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. The candidate will perform research in the area of multiscale modeling and failure analysis of high-performance light materials such as Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composites under high strain rate deformations.

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PhD Studentship in Computational Mechanics of Porous Metallic Materials

We are offering the PhD studentship at the
University of Surrey, and we are looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated candidates.

This project focuses on applications of metallic foams where structural functionality is combined with energy absorption, damping, heat insulation, and noise silencing.

Is there a failure criterion/model for brittle spheres?

Hi, everyone

I am a student. I am  dealing with a failure problem of brittle spheres. These have a lot of flaws inside.I did some compression tests. Single spheres are crushed by a pair of parallel plates. I got the crush load distribution (in terms of critical contact force). 

My question is:

is there a failure criterion/model which relates to load(critical contact force), Youngs moduli and Poisson ratios of shpere and plates, radius and friction coefficient?

Can anybody help me on AUTODYN subroutine?

When I implement failure model into AUTODYN by user subroutine, I fonud there are some differences between  results come from subroutine and  the results computed by AUTODYN'S provided material model. Is there anybody who is kind enough and familiar with AUTODYN's user subroutine to help me? If possible, an example of a failure model(for example, Johnson-Cook failure model) is highly appreciated.


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