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piezoelectric actuator

Piezoelectric Stack Modelling in ABAQUS

How does one model a piezoelectric stack Actuator in ABAQUS?

Lamb wave simulation in Abaqus tutorial


I am trying to generate acoustic waves in aluminum bars and plates to simulate an experiment we are performing in the lab. We use piezoelectric actuators to generate and receive the waves in the lab. I know that similar simulations have been done in Abaqus, however, I an having difficulties getting the simulation to work. Is there a tutorial or does anyone have any experience with this kind of simulation? Your help is appreciated ! Thank you.


About piezoelectric resonance.

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For 31 mode piezoelectric plate. I have measured it's electric impedance spectrum (curve of Log IZI~ Frequency). I found that, when I used this plate for a piezoelectric sensor to receive mechanic signals. the maximum output  occured at antiresonance frequency;   For example, for piezoelectric hydrophone or receiving-type piezoelectric transducers, It works at antiresonance frequency (at the maximum electric impedance). 

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