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transient analysis

Open-source FE software for truss analysis

What's the best open source FE code for nonlinear transient analysis of truss structures (preferably with Python interface)?

transient analysis full method of ball bearing

i have to do transient analysis of ball beraing. but i could not get an appropiate tutorial to perform transient analysis using full method or mode superposition method since i cannot apply reduced method. please guide me how to apply the load step and what options to use.

related to thermal analysis

hello friend

my self raj .

in the beam and shell element " thermal OR temparature vs time" transient analysis possible ? 

   i have four story building model , if apply a temprature vs time history at second floor then  can i find out the each floor tempreture at each time steps ? due to thats also find out the strees and moment or  force at each node due to elongation of beam sheel element due to temparature incraese.

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