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Slides for WCCM 2018 Workshop on funding opportunity for computational mechanics

Dear colleagues, 

I have been just notified that the slides of the talks given by program managers on funding opportunity in WCCM New York have been posted in the official website of WCCM New York. You can download the slides from the following URL:

Thank you again for your support to WCCM New York. 

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Twitter and iMechanica

How many iMechanica users are on Twitter?  And how many are on Twitter with professional contacts? 

 I started to use Twitter about 4 months ago in a completely social, non-professional context.  As a personal (expat-focussed) blogger, I started to notice that I was
catching blog posts in my Twitter feed before I would see them in my
feed aggregator (Bloglines).   Twitter has emerged as a different sort
of feed aggregator, as well as a provider of information. 

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National priorities

The research funding environment we are all experiencing is extremely frustrating, and has the potential for long-term damage to academics and the nation. You may be interested in reading the letter to the Wall Street Journal by two Nobel Prize winners, David Baltimore and Ahmed Zewail.

A message from Dr. Ken P. Chong

The deadline of October 1, 2006 for my program of Mechanics & Structures of Materials was inadvertently omitted in our website. However, at the beginning of our CMS home page there are 2 deadlines listed for all programs. In the meantime any unsolicited proposals for my program, please put in GPG 04-23 as the Program Announcement [1st box]. In the 2nd box put in my program name [Mechanics & Structures of Materials].

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