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Postdoc in mechanics of woven and fiber-based materials at the University of Pittsburgh

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc to join our team to study the mechanics of woven or fiber-based materials. Applicants should have expertise in mechanics of materials with long fibers. These can be artificial, like textiles and fabrics, or natural, like soft tissues including tendon or heat valves.  Experience in multi-scale methods is advantageous.  Experimental or computational are both welcome.

how to simulate fibre direction?

Hi all

 I am modeling a complex muscle with fibre reinforced. The fibre direction is not constant in this muscle. It is changing with the integration point in the model. Is there anyone who got idea on how to simulate the variable fibre directions in Abaqus?  Can user subroutine ORIENT do this?

 Many thanks,


Cardiff University


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