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The surface effect on the strain energy release rate of buckling delamination in thin film–substrate systems

Gurtin–Murdoch continuum surface elasticity model is employed to study the buckling
delamination of ultra thin film–substrate system. The effects of surface deformation and
residual stress on the large deflection of ultra thin film are considered in analysis. A
concept of effective bending rigidity (EBR) for ultra thin plate is proposed on the basis of
Gurtin–Murdoch continuum theory and the principle of minimum potential energy. The
governing equations with EBR are formally consistent with the classical plate theory,

How to analyze a short arc using elastic mechanics?

Hello, everyone, I am a freshman here, and I am very happy to find this place as a mechanics student. Hope to communicate with everyone here. 

I am studying a hole effected by surface effect. I want to know how to analyze the stress on a short arc.

If you know about it, and you are willing to share it with me, I will be very grateful about it!

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