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Multifunctional “Hydrogel Skins” on Diverse Polymers with Arbitrary Shapes

In this paper, we introduce a new simple yet effective strategy to form "hydrogel skins" on polymer-based medical devices with arbitrary shapes. Hydrogel skins can convert any surface of polymer devices into robust, wet, soft, slippery, antifouling, and ionically conductive without affecting the original properties and geometries.


(long distance) research cooperation..

let me know if you are interested in long distance research cooperation.

can be as simple as you get my explaination if you want/need to cite my works, or co-authoring paper in things that we can work synergically, or even research collaboration.

the only thing that i will not respond is if you ask for job....:) cant give you that.

 here is some of my recent works:

 computational materials science, 50(4) 2011 pp.1499-1503

 theoretical and applied fracture mechanic, in press, doi:


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