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Improved oxidation resistance of high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic for reusable space systems

Towards the development of reusable space systems, high emissivity coatings on fibrous ceramic substrates with improved thermal resistance are needed. In this study WSi2–MoSi2–Si–SiB6-borosilicate glass coatings were prepared on fibrous ZrO2 by slurry dipping and subsequent high temperature rapid sintering. A coating with 20 wt% WSi2 and 50 wt% MoSi2 presents optimal thermal stability with only 10.06 mg/cm2 mass loss and 4.0% emissivity decrease in the wavelength regime 1.27–1.73 μm after 50 h oxidation at 1773 K. The advantages of double phase metal-silicide coatings combining WSi2 and MoSi2 include improved thermal compatibility with the substrate and an enhanced glass-mediated self-healing ability.

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Webinar Series: Containers, Spacecrafts, Wind Energy

Simulation Driven Design for Containers
Tuesday, March 9 – 11 a.m. EST
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Simulation Solutions for Spacecraft
Tuesday, March 16 – 11 a.m. EDT
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