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Introducing and Invitation for joining to: International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences (IJFPS)

Dear Prof/Dr/Colleagues,

With great pleasure and respect to all Prof(s) and Dr(s),
It gives us great pleasure to announce regarding to a new monthly journal publication and online, in Multidisciplinary Sciences, IJFPS.
IJFPS is appreciating, if you submit one of your valuable papers.
IJFPS is your journal and expected to publish in JUN-2011.
IJFPS is hoping for your kind response.
IJFPS is waiting for your submission.

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Female Science Professor-- blog and book

Nature recently favorably reviewed a new self-published book, based on a blog , by a "female physical sciences professor" in the US.  While the overarching theme is clearly about being a female in a male-dominated world, the writings on the blog (and in the book) are in many places general and provide lots of good advice and anecdotes about acadmic life.  The

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